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I am 88% towards my goal for chest surgery and have 5 days left to reach it!


So many wonderful people have helped me out the past few months in raising money for my chest surgery!

I am SO CLOSE to my $1600 goal! I need less than $200 to reach it COMPLETELY.

If anyone can help me out by donating or reblogging this post, I would really really appreciate it!

My deadline is Monday, April 15th.

Please please please, a little help goes such a long way!

Here is my donation page.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Any help would be AMAZING!

Already at 90%, only 10% more!

Please reblog!

Via Vague Advances


This is me (left) and my beautiful girlfriend (right). Today we have been together 7 months, and although we have struggled with a lot that happened in this time, I know we just get stronger together for each day that pass.


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